Guidance Department

The mission of Clarion Area Elementary School’s guidance program is to support students’ development academically and socially as they gain the necessary skills to become mindful, productive and responsible adults in our ever-changing society.

Mrs. Shari Campbell, Elementary Guidance Counselor -
(814) 226-8118 ext. 745

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Classroom Guidance Content Areas
Kindergarten: Manners, safety, self-control and friendship
First Grade: Listening skills, recess conduct, friendship and school readiness
Second Grade: Work habits, friendship, anti-bullying and empathy
Third Grade: Working and learning together, career readiness, character development and anti-bullying
Fourth Grade: Study skills, organizational skills, career readiness, empathy and anti-bullying
Fifth Grade: Study skills, organizational skills, goals, respect and responsibility, tolerance, career readiness and anti-bullying
Sixth Grade: Respect and responsibility, self-motivation, career readiness, tolerance, anti-bullying, preparation for Junior High and beyond
Small Groups & Lunch Groups
Purpose: To provide a small group setting for students to meet in a pleasing environment to discuss a variety of topics facilitated by a counselor.
Study and organizational skills
Social skills
Table manners
Individual Support and Referral Services
Purpose: To provide support to individual students during the academic day.
Focus is on developing coping skills.
Counseling may extend to parent contact and providing resource information and referral services.